My demand to GCN president Ted Anderson to remove FDRS ads

There is nothing more aggravating than listening to scammers like Ted Anderson, president Genesis Communications Network, hawking gold on the Alex Jones show and pandering to the people who are getting screwed by just about everybody.   Is there really nobody sincere?

My submission at the GCN website at to Nick Liesch, Advertising and Affiliates :

Su bject: Ted Anderson is PURE TOXIC SCUM

Dear Mr. Liesch:

Please forward this message to Mr. Anderson.

My 8/25/08 request to remove all references to FDRS was ignored. Please see for details.

I just heard Mr. Anderson’s gold pitch on the Alex Jones show and I am APPALLED.

Ted Anderson is now at the TOP of my list of vile and corrupt Americans.

I can’t blame the bank executives for doing their job: to make as much money as possible regardless of who gets hurt.

However, Ted Anderson is WORSE than all of them together. He preys on the most vulnerable and desperate, PRETENDING to be on their side. GCN is based on lies and deceit.

Mr. Anderson, please IMMEDIATELY order all advertisements for FDRS removed. 

Aren’t you worried about a class action by FDRS victims against GCN and maybe even ABC after FDRS is bankrupt?

Very truly yours,

Christine Baker
posted at [this URL]

They’ll probably ignore me again.  It would have been much better to send the demand for removal with signature confirmation to the GCN registered agent.  THAT would go a long way towards being able to hold GCN liable for the FDRS fraud.  

If you’re interested in DOING something to put FDRS out of business, please make it YOUR job to contact other advertisers or send a donation.

13 Responses to “My demand to GCN president Ted Anderson to remove FDRS ads”

  1. mike

    Maybe this will clear it up was just in need of a job & work for FDRS for just 3 weeks! I say plenty of crazy stuff! I am surprised the FBI has not raided the place.. The employees are hired & Fired Like cattle and are brainwashed by a very conspiritorial yet convincing training class.Most poeple are fired in 2 weeks,and if you ask twice if the poor people you sign up are getting relielf they fire you! I was fired lol! that place is soooooo crazy a classic boiler room! The military style chants every day before work & after lunch! Mark cella walks around the sales floor yelling at people all day & sleeps with all the ladies that work there! His right hand man Is Joel Edward,who keeps workers happy with empty promises,These poeple have set up business under certian trust ucc1 laws that makes them somhow untouchable by law! while they sit behind bullet proof glass! ITS THE PERFECT SCAM!WOW .

  2. Gavin


    Is it not true that you own a Debt relief company as well that charges thousands to even look into a debt relief system? Hoe bag

  3. No, I do NOT own a debt relief company and I do NOT charge thousands of dollars to “even look into a debt relief system.”

    In fact, I looked into FDRS at no charge to anyone — you didn’t pay to view this site and to have access to my research.

    I’m a consultant and probably
    America’s most experienced and qualified FICO credit scoring expert. My paid services are described in great detail at

    Here are some definitions of “Hoe bag”:

  4. Gavin

    So you have other motives than just trying to help people. Is it also true that you have tried to put an end to other companies trying to help put people as well? Why don’t you just let your true colors show and let people know what your REAL motives are.

  5. Gavin

    a prostitute. Diminutive form of “whore.” Also ho.

    ” A woman that preforms services for money”

  6. Only an idiot like Gavin would be so stupid and post from his work computer:

    IP: ,

    Midas Resources is the parent company for GCN, owned by Ted Anderson:

    Good job, “Gavin!”

  7. Robert

    I have never purchased anything from Midas Resources, and never will. I get much better prices and better quality elsewhere.

  8. Palehorse

    “They’ll be throwing their gold and silver in the streets” anyway. (Apocalypse)

  9. Brian

    Midas Resources are deplorable swindlers. I spoke with their “financial expert”, and he tried to steer me into buying overpriced junk silver coins instead of market-priced bullion. Why? Because the junk coins fetch more profit margin by having a greater premium attached. What’s the hook/How do they do this? By telling you the junk coins cannot be “called in” during an economic collapse. Look into it.

  10. Jason

    Well if you had bought it back then, it would be worth more right now.

  11. onewhoknows

    Both Anderson and Jones make about a million a year from precious metals sales. Fact.

    And the one you wrote to, Liesh, is only in it for money too.

    The sales paradigm is to instill massive fear in people, and take their money.

  12. Gene

    I’ve often wondered why all the radio programs sell the same products , especially gold on Genessis Communications and similar programs. Thanks for revealing it.

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