Debt Crisis Solutions STILL advertised on Alex Jones show and what happened to

I posted one of the Debt Crisis Solutions radio commercials on the Alex Jones show:

It’s the EXACT same scam as FDRS.  Ted Anderson is such a scumbag and Alex Jones is right there with him.

And what happened to  

It has been reduced to affiliate and member logins.  I don’t understand why the site is still live, is the AG ever going to shut them down?

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  1. Debt Crisis Solutions is not connected with FDRS. This scam, FDRS, has been illegally selling plagiarized versions of John Gliha’s copyrighted and trademarked work, Winning the Collection Game and Zero Debt in 90 Days. Gliha has personally been assisting victims of FDRS and in many cases, has not charged any money. Gliha is very glad to see they are finally out of business.

    Please retract your statements as they are mistaken, defamatory and the information you have published has created a personal security risk for the owners of Debt Crisis Solutions, an authorized agent for John Gliha.


  2. This is truly amazing, you ought to be nominated for the Darwin award.

    Of course I never said that Debt Crisis Solutions is connected with FDRS. Mr. Gliha, do you have an IQ above room temperature?

    I wrote:

    “It’s the EXACT same scam as FDRS.”

    And you seem to confirm that. You wrote:

    “This scam, FDRS, has been illegally selling plagiarized versions of John Gliha’s copyrighted and trademarked work, …”

    Ok, you agree FDRS is a scam. You state FDRS plagiarized the copyrighted and trademarked John Gliha work.

    Consequently, the John Gliha “work” is a scam. And, everything on the John Gliha website confirms it.

    I would really enjoy having you or the scammers at Debt Crisis Solution sue me.

    I’ll even waive service after I received notification of any defamatory statements by fax to 571-222-1000.

    Only FALSE statements are defamation.

    It is my intention to put scammers OUT OF BUSINESS through the publication of TRUE statements.
    I do not accept any notices submitted at my websites because I cannot confirm the identity of the sender.

    Are you “John Gliha”, the NEXT scammer on this list of most deplorable thugs specializing in deceiving and defrauding people who are just too gullible?

    Do you always talk about yourself in the 3rd person?

    Thanks for posting. You confirmed that putting individual scammers out of business is like playing whack-a-mole — you just can’t win. You put one scammer out of business and at least one new one pops up.

    I sure hope that the Alex Jones listeners find my posts about Debt Crisis Solutions BEFORE they send them what little money they have.

    And I hope that EVENTUALLY I’ll be living among people who simply will not tolerate scammers like you.

    You can defraud each other. I simply don’t want to have to deal with the likes of you anymore.

    I’m hoping for a split of the US in several parts and maybe one part will want to put all the scammers in prison. I know it’s unrealistic to expect a society with NO scammers, but I’d like to see something like a minimum of 5 years in prison for everyone like Mark Cella and that includes the people who he stole the “copyrighted” technique to defraud from.

    That’s Trado’s ultimate goal, to establish a new system with a zero tolerance for scams.

    I’d like to see a FINE for EACH lie by a business to a consumer. Recording without permission is not only permitted, but encouraged. I’m big on privacy, except when it comes to fraud and scams.

    $100 per lie and the employees are PERSONALLY liable. Just like debt collectors, but with CUMULATIVE and MINIMUM statutory damages. Consumers submit their claims online to the AG along with the proof (recording, letter, sworn affidavit) and then they get their check, unless the business has no assets and the company is shut down.

    Just like that. Pretty much the same way people get parking or traffic tickets.

  3. Okay, I can see you have the mind of a child, I will document comments from prospects, quantify the damage and have my attorney take the appropriate legal action against you for being stupid.

    If any of you reading this want to know more, hear the real deal, please just call me. Thanks.


  4. All SUCKERS please immediately call j. gliha to hear more about the “real deal.”

    And then send him all your money so that you can join the ranks of “victims.”

    In case you’re wondering why I’m allowing scammers to advertise here:

    I can’t prevent that people get ripped off when they read the scammers’ lies at THEIR websites, the regulators are NOT doing their jobs.

    And, Mr. Gliha could have posted something to prove that he is not scamming. Of course he didn’t provide any useful info, because he has none. So he resorts to lame legal threats.

    If you found my sites and read about the FDRS scam and you still want to give your money away, you certainly deserve everything you’ve got coming in addition to an award for stupidity.

    And, of course I’m hoping that some readers will call Gliha and RECORD the calls (it’s legal in many states without notifying him of recording) and send me the recording for analysis.

    I started a new forum just for this type of “FDRS” scam at

    Mr. Gliha, please do not post here or at any of my other sites including Trado.

    Please also do not call me again. As you know, I published your voice mail at Trado.

  5. Igor

    Dear Christine,

    I have called you yesterday (1-29-09) and left a message telling you that you are associating my small business (which functions by using laws that protect people’s property, bank accounts, and paychecks) with a truly fraudulent company, FDRS?

    You never returned my call, nor have you even contacted my company to confirm your suspicions and conduct a reasonable investigation prior to posting your opinions.

    The reason or does not have an address is because I did not want people to think we’re serving only a “local” area, since we work with the entire nation. In addition, we are openly registered with where our address can be easily found. This is one of the first things we did when we opened our business.

    About being a scam, I don’t blame you for thinking so, I would too if I was scammed. But it’s not fair, honest or legal to post defamatory information about other companies just because you have a personal vendetta or hate for this type of business. We did not cause your problems nor did we know who you are until we saw you wrongly accusing us.

    If we are a scam, prove to the readers how my company (Top Score Enterprises, LLC) scammed you please.

    If you claim there are others who were scammed by us, let them show one simple thing to first establish they even did business with us: The Top Score Enterprises Contract.

    You provide no specific proof madam, and I would kindly ask you to please investigate us directly, and not simply base your opinions on the fact that we don’t have an address on our website or we sound “similar” to FDRS.

    You are the first person complaining about our company, however we have never done any business with you, nor have you contacted us, nor have you returned a call from me.

    Currently, you are preventing people from having access to true information from our company by misleading them.


    1).People who’s accounts are being frozen by court orders by the creditors and collectors.

    2).People who are stuck paying debts with no way out.

    3).People who are loosing their homes due to foreclosures.

    4). People who’s paychecks are garnished.

    5). People who’s credit history is ruined and they cannot even get approved for apartment or car.

    These people are the one’s you’re really hurting by giving them erroneous information about our company!

    Ron Paul has many haters and people who misunderstand and misrepresent him, but that does not change his principles, nor does that make him a bad man.

    I urge you to reconsider to stop hating or accusing those who did you no wrong. Do onto others as you would have done onto you. And if you want to be treated fairly, please do so and give us the same respect.


    Igor M.

  6. Mr. M.:

    Please read my post above to your buddy John Gliha. How dimwitted can you be? You RESPONDED to that post!

    You offer to help people and you can’t even read and follow these simple instructions?

    Do NOT post here or at any of my sites again.

    Do NOT call me again.

    For the mentally challenged like Mr. M., I’ll post the instructions one more time:

    Please submit your notice of any false statement(s) of fact and the URL(s) via fax to 571-222-1000.

  7. Mr. M., one more thing, please also fax the contract you mentioned in your post so that I can investigate your claims.

  8. Jake

    I, unfortunately, too was an FDRS client until last week when I had to fax, call, email and call again just to get them to agree to cancel my account.

    When I called to cancel my account I told the person on the phone I need to speak with someone to do so. Appearently the idiot forgot to hang up the phone and I heard him say “Some guy just called to cancel his account and I told him I was putting him on hold and just hung up on him.” I then heard a girl say, “Oh really…did he call back?” The man replied, “No, he didnt call back” and then something mumbled then I heard him mocking me!! So I called back and told him what a moron he was and that I heard everything he said and told him to transfer me to someone NOW!! I was really pissed of and told them to cancel my account. These people are rediculous and I hope they are dealt with to the fullest….all of them.

    What I want to know is how do I go about getting my money back?? Do I need a lawyer or do I just sit and wait for a settlement. Is there anything I can do to help put these people away?? Please contact me and let me know here or at my email

    Thanks for the great site!! Someone needed to expose these people!!


  9. A good start would be posting your AG complaint and the status.

    I obviously don’t know whether you need a lawyer, only YOU know how good you are in court.

    “Someone needed to expose these people!”

    They’ve been exposed for quite some time now. Anyone STILL signing up for ANY of these scam definitely didn’t do their due diligence.

    Sitting and waiting is always good, you don’t expend any energy :)





  11. Jenn


    I have contacted to investigate the claims stated in this blog and found out they are in no way connected with FDRS. They were able to explain to me the logic behind their process and showed proof. The president is a caring man and spoke to me for over 30 minutes.

    I am now able to protect my home and paycheck from creditor lawsuits, which is a blessing to me because I have 2 creditors who refused my previous attorney settlement arrangements and want to sue.

    I don’t know what FDRS did, but I never take opinions for truth, please do your research before you mislead other people.

    Christine…I also found out that you’re in the debt consolidation business giving “Trado” loans to people? How do you get out of debt by borrowing more money? Sounds like something’s wrong.

    Take care,


  12. Hi Jenn,

    What are you doing in Germany?

    IP Information –
    IP address:
    Reverse DNS:
    Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
    That’s really odd. You posted through a German connection. If you’re in Germany, there’s no need for you to worry about debts in America.

    Let’s start with proof of your utmost ignorance:

    “Christine…I also found out that you’re in the debt consolidation business giving “Trado” loans to people? How do you get out of debt by borrowing more money? Sounds like something’s wrong”

    Are you brain dead? Is your IQ above 40?

    How do you get out of debt by giving your dollars to Debt Crisis Solutions?

    I’ve asked for proof and I got NOTHING.

    In fact, I asked for a fax with any false statements about Debt Crisis Solutions at any of my sites and I got NOTHING.

    They threatened to sue me, but they did NOT.


    NEXT: Fair warning

    It is quite likely that you are getting paid by these thugs to advertise them or you are somehow related to this fraud.

    I am preparing the documentation for my public complaint to the FTC and other regulators about Debt Crisis Solutions.

    I will supply the IP # of anyone like Jenn who is apparently on their payroll. I doubt that ANYONE, no matter WHAT your IQ, could be stupid enough to read my research and still waste one dime on them.

    You are subjecting yourself to criminal prosecution for racketeering when you participate in a documented fraud like Debt Crisis Solutions and John Gliha’s scam.

    Don’t do it. Just say NO to fraud.

  13. canon

    just reading over all the blogs to make the best decision for our family. seems like christine can only back up her side by calling people names and asking what their iq is. when asked to show proof of someone she knows or herself that was scammed by debt crisis solutions, all she can come up with is don’t call me again. is there anyone out there that has been helped by d.c.s. or has been frauded by them that can tell there story along with jenny?

  14. Canon, did you hear that they also turn lead into gold?

    All you need to do is pay them for 18 months and in the end, your lead will be GOLD!


    I find it really hard to believe that after reading all the PROOF here anyone would be stupid enough to even consider this fraud.

    But then again, just look at America, I suppose it could be true.

    A SUCKER born every second!

    BTW, nobody needs my permission to throw away their money and DESTROY their own family.

    Have fun!

  15. I had missed the 3/28 comment:

    Mar 28th, 2009 at 12:57 pm Edit



    I know that the Credit Secrets Bible is a scam. Get their desperate spam all the time.

    Another clueless idiot desperately trying to make a buck off the not the bright.

    Here’s a review of Court Mediation at

    Brad Daley Court Mediation Services Finance lawyer took my money, lied to me for a year and stopped replying to my messages Phenix City Alabama

    BRAD DALEY – Fraudulent Lawyer.

    More than a year a go I became a victim of the identity theft. …

    Most Americans are so incredibly STUPID and HELPLESS, it’s beyond belief.

    I’m going to work in my garden now. I can’t take the stupidity anymore.

    Nearly all of the 200 million adult Americans are dumb as rocks or corrupt or both.

  16. theresa

    I am still looking for any information on James Martinez, who seems to be an agent for Court Mediation Services. His website is vague and outdated with no address listed anywhere. Has anyone tried this debt elimination and if so, what was/is the result? Any information to this effect would be greatly appreciated!

  17. How about reading this site?

  18. Andy

    Hi Christine,

    I am really looking for information on the John Gihla approach to protecting my assets and not really the debt elimination. Can you offer any other alternative to their model of protecting assets. I am repaying all that I can and working as hard as I can to repay debt as I see that as the true way out of my situation. However, I may lose some property as a loss of work has made it very difficult to repay everything. I just want to make sure that I get to keep my main home and am therefore looking for asset protection. Any ideas?


  19. ivette ortiz

    I am a single mother of 2 daughters and on unemployment and i was scammed by this company FDRS. I completed all my payments for 18 months and now my creditors are calling looking for there money and 1 company has already filed a sue in the city of New Orleans. Please someone tell me what to do because I have no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. greengum

    Found this site through infowars and read all the comments. I must admit that I’m ignorant to all this debt consolidation racket but I would like to chime in. We live in a (supposed) free society with the ability to contract whenever we want. The upside is that makes us free, the downside is desperate people get burned. If you are dumb enough to sign a contract with a company without fully understanding it then you deserve what you get. The only way to stop scams is to be informed.

  21. You’re the kind of person that makes me think that the United States has to split up into several countries.

    One for people like you, where you kill each other and only the strongest survive.

    One for people like me, where we treat each other with respect and lies and fraud are NOT tolerated.

    And then a few with policies in between.

    When a blind person drops a $20 bill, will you pick it up and give it back?

    Will you pick it up and give him a $1 bill?

    You’re the ruthless kind. You’ll keep the $20, feeling so superior because the blind guy isn’t “informed.”

    I often get frustrated with people who make NO effort to educate themselves, sit around drinking beer and watching ball games instead of getting a clue.

    But, that gives NOBODY the right to lie to them and to defraud them.

    I guarantee you that one day, you will be the victim. You will be defrauded, and you’ll be crying for help and sympathy.

    Hopefully you’ll remember your post and realize that you got what you deserve.

  22. Lee

    I called in and listened and spoke to John Gliha. I feel he has much knowledge and understanding of corporate law and corporation structure. Yes, when it sounds to good to be true, it makes one worry. I am so confused at this point, even after speaking to 4 lawyers each one said something different. Who can one trust these days? What are the laws for the consumers? Are there any success stores for getting out of debt and if so, what company? Any suggestions? I have to make a logical desicion soon.

  23. SJ Lewis

    According to Igor he ask Christine to have others who were scammed by Debt Crisis Solutions to provide proof such as a Top Score Contract;

    Igor wrote:
    If you claim there are others who were scammed by us, let them show one simple thing to first establish they even did business with us: The Top Score Enterprises Contract

    Christine wrote:
    Mr. M., one more thing, please also fax the contract you mentioned in your post so that I can investigate your claims.

    Then there is the issue of telling someone not to post here again or call.

    There are those who are brave behind the keyboard and the unwillingness to confront the person makes this site very suspect.

    You made the accusation Christine therefore the burden of proof is on you!

    Websites that resort to insults should always be suspect.

    One has to wonder if the owners of this website work for the Credit Card Companies!

  24. Erik Novack

    Thank you Christine for your links and especially the last link. The FDRS boiler room scam was informative. Of special interest was the statement from the attorney general in California, saying she was dropping the case since the company wasn’t responding! Is that attorney general high? Wouldn’t the attorney general have access to police officers who could arrest FDRS? It sounds like FDRS was conducting business with the approval of, at least, the California state government, if not the U.S. Government. Also, thank you for your comments about Alex Jones’ products. I recently subscribed to his prison planet. After listening to his shows, I agree the economy is bad. Yet I don’t actually see the extensive effects Alex Jones and his guests talk about. I live in a college town. I went here and did not graduate. I stayed and eventually got a job at the local Post Office. There have been new apartments built in town, wherein the rent is about 500 to 600 per month per person, and these large apartment complexes are booked almost completely solid. And the cars the students drive are almost brand new. When I attended here, I had a full MAP grant plus a Perkins grant and I worked on campus for 20 hours a week, and I could not afford the apartments the students live in now. If the economy is as bad as Alex Jones and his guests claim, where is the money coming from to pay rent or the cars they drive. Student loans wouldn’t explain it. If parents were in the dire, financial straits claimed by Alex Jones, they wouldn’t be able to help their children. Once again, thank you Christine for opening my eyes.

  25. You’re very welcome.

    Some clarifications:

    Gayle Weller is NOT the AG, just an employee, one of the “investigators.”

    I am going to send my public complaint to AG Jerry Brown (running for Cal. governor) and I do believe that his office is liable for the FDRS victims’ damages because as you mentioned, they CONDONED this fraud.

    Regarding Alex Jones, I haven’t listened to his show in a long time and very rarely visit his sites anymore.

    Everything is SPIN and he’s just like the people he complains about. His movies are good, but his show is just way over the top.

    However, the economy IS very bad. Since you’re in a college town, it may not be so bad. You also didn’t mention what STATE you’re in and that can make a HUGE difference.

    The only reason the economy has not totally collapsed is because of welfare, food stamps and unemployment.

    Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record

    WASHINGTON — The number of Americans receiving food stamps in March topped 40 million for the first time as the jobless rate hovered near a 26-year high.

    Recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program subsidies for food purchases totaled 40.2 million, up 21 percent from a year earlier and 1.2 percent more than in February, the Department of Agriculture said yesterday in a statement on its website. The number of recipients has set records for 16 straight months.

    And the students driving these nice cars and renting these expensive apartments either DO have student loans or they have rich parents.

    I’ve had MANY clients whose lives were destroyed by student loans and I predict that there will be MANY more as there are few jobs for graduates.

    Consider yourself very lucky that you had a grant and now have a secure job. But don’t be surprised if you have to take pay cuts OR your cost of living increases substantially.

    The crooks and scammers have totally taken over.

    The people who CLAIM to fight corruption are as corrupt as the crooks and scammers.

    And there are no solutions to the many problems in America and most of the industrialized nations.

  26. Erik Novack

    I’m in Illinois, I have relatives in Chicago, and they tell me how bad the housing market is, yet I do not see the effects of the economy touted by newspeople and rumor. I agree with the article you cited. I hear how bad things are in the newspapers, and I hear people talking about how bad it is, but I don’t specifically see the effects. The university is SIUC and it is not an Ivy League School or anything close to it. The university administration would like the students to believe it is in order to justify the continually, increasing tuition and fees. When I left in 2001, about 5/9 of the students had close to full grants and loans, but we were limited by justification to what we could borrow. I had never known a student who could justify a request to cover the amount it costs to live in one of these 3 to 4 person apartments. It is not 550 to 600 per apartment divided by 3 or 4 people, rather it is 550 to 600 for rent for each occupant, not including utilities or phone. If only some students had rich parents, then these many new apartment buildings would be at low occupancy, yet they are close to full occupancy. Four new complexes have an average occupancy of 800 people each. And there are two others with about 600 student occupancies each. With a couple of smaller refurbished apartments, the total comes out to at least a quarter of the full-time student population. That is too many rich parents for a school which historically has had few rich students. I last attended SIUC in 2001, and a much smaller percentage of the student populace could afford this many nice vehicles and this quality of housing. I also have a relative in northwest Indiana, and there are no foreclosures listed anywhere in this sizeable Chicagoland suburb. Yet it might not be relevant as there are a couple of gated communities in it. In December, SIUC had said it was owed 150 million by the state of Illinois, and they might have to close in Mid-March. You know what didn’t happen? The university didn’t get most of the money. The university didn’t have to fire or furlough employees, and the university did not close. In May 2010, the university says it is owed over 200 million from Illinois, and hopes the payment deadline is extended for 5 months which should be December, or else the university loses right to the money owed. I am not disagreeing with you about the economy, and I gave up trying to show other people the effects. I could quote news print and newschannel reports, but I could not give any specific proof with my own eyewitness accounts. I have seen stores close in town, only to have larger ones open sometime later. Christine, I believe, as you do, the economy is sliding downward. Yet without proof from where I live or visit, I just looked like a doomsday crazy person. Even with the Post Office in dire straits and preparing to make some unwise decisions, at least 1/2 of the veteran employees think I’m crazy for thinking it is a bad situation. I hope to turn other people on to your website, as I feel it might save them the cost of misery and the loss of their money.

  27. Erik, it’s good to see that the economy IS doing so much better in your area.

    My closest town is Kingman AZ and yes, the BIG stores are doing great:

    Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Staples.

    Some personal experiences in MY business:

      Very FEW people are interested in improving their credit scores to buy a house.

      MOST readers are interested in eliminating their debt.

    Just look at the Google ads the various blogs at

    So many ads are for DEBT ELIMINATION.

    It’s a HUGE business and EXTREMELY profitable even when the companies aren’t 100% scam like FDRS. Yesterday I called on an ad claiming that there is a federal debt relief act. A total lie and the company knew it. They claimed that they did not place the ads. So why would someone ELSE pay the $10 or so per CLICK on these ads? They get a HUGE commission!

    I should start a documentary about THAT fraud, but my day has only 24 hours.

    Look how FEW people have a few dollars to spare for donations:

    The last donation was on 4/22/10 (and it included the free CreditFactors subscription)

    The all-time Google ad income at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED is about $70, below the $100 minimum to get paid.

    I just spent MANY hours on another fraud documentary:

    Fairfax Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery attorneys Cawthorn and Picard’s Illegal Collection Practices

    My client paid $300 to get a partial refund and finally have the fraudulent judgment reported as satisfied and then I worked at least 15 hours on the new fraud blog — at no pay.

    I hope that the bad publicity will teach the dentists a lesson and maybe I can talk my client into submitting complaints to regulator about the collection lawyers (more unpaid work for me.)

    I can’t possibly solve all of America’s problems by myself and of course never expected to.

    I had hoped that OTHERS would start documenting frauds and TAKE ACTION.

    And I don’t see that happening.

  28. Mike

    I signed up for Debt Crisis Solutions to “eliminate” my debt. It is six months later and they have not achieved a single result.

    My “Agent” has blamed it on me stating that I have not stayed on top of the accounts! Isnt that what they are suppose to be handling now that I contracted them.

    Igor may be well spoken but his “company” has failed me.

    Christine my IQ might be room tempurate! LoL. I wish I had seen your site before I sent money in.

    - Mike

  29. Mike, I’m glad you’re not offended by my rants, it is just so incredibly frustrating to see this massive fraud and deception and I seem to be the only person who cares.

    I now DOCUMENTED that these COUNTLESS frauds are essentially ENCOURAGED by the regulators.

    There are so many of these debt settlement outfits, some are advertising the FAKE “Debt Relief Act” and all are liars and cheats.

    At you can read the idiotic responses to complaints about FDRS on behalf of AG and governor candidate Jerry Brown.

    I’ve already submitted my first post at the San Francisco Chronicle about Brown’s corruption and hope to soon have time to post it — unfortunately I’ve been busy with all kinds of web upgrades and subsequent problems.

    The US economy RUNS on FRAUD.

    FRAUD keeps the country going and debtors continue to fork over their money.

    As I recall, Debt Crisis Solutions is in NY and AG Cuomo ALSO runs for governor. He’s been investigating many collectors and you might just get a refund if you send your complaint to Cuomo SOON.

    FDRS frequently refunded after the victims filed AG complaints to satisfy the AG’s office. However, if you wait too long and they know that they’ll have to shut down, chances of getting a refund are slim.

    Here’s an FDRS complaint if you need an outline:

    Hope you get your money back!

  30. Melissa

    Good work Christine!!

    I contacted the John Gliha group about a year and a half ago and sat in on many of their informational calls. I knew after a few calls, Mr Gliha was blowing smoke. These groups count on the average consumer being stupid, which I guess they are, but after Mr. Gliha could not answer valid questions I had about bankruptcy and actually dissolving the debt with his program, of which I have extensive research in, I knew he was full of it.

    You are correct, its all about spin, another to ‘watch’ is Robert Kiyosaki. Its always a red flag when your asked to pay up front for a period of time without any knowledge of what the return will be…the leverage/risk is on you now. Always pay for ‘advise/information’ as you go is my philosophy. Or just READ. Nobody reads anymore, all you need to know is on IRS website, US Code, CFR, library, etc. And that does take time, but worth it. Thats all these guys did and then they ‘spin’ it on you…It truly does kill me, how these guys work–give truthful factual information to build creditability, then take your money away from you(b/c you don’t read). Ok enough rant from me.

    Again, good job Christine, you are absolutely 100% correct with your evaluations of everyone you’ve mentioned on this blog.

  31. Thanks, Melissa.

    I just wish more people did some research BEFORE signing up for this scams.

    And then the regulators, actively condoning the frauds. Did you see my open letter to Cal AG Brown?

    It sure is sad. The postal service is now investigating, what a joke.

  32. liberty

    Note to Christine,11/10/10
    Per your post 10/2/10,The United States is a Federal Corporation (see U.S.C. Title 28 sec. 3002 sub. sec. 15(a) also go to U.S.C.Title 28 sec. 297 as you will see the freely associated compact states are countries via the Constitution for the united states of America. Go to “a century of law making for a new nation” find and read each “state of the union message” given by President Andrew Johnson,what Congress was doing at that time is called “Treason” it is quite revealing as to what was going on at that time and as to why we are in a pickel at this time.It really started in 1775 when Ben Franklin visited the King of France and convinced Louis the 16th to finance our Revolutionary war debt.

  33. The free online The Money Masters documentary provides an excellent overview of the HISTORY of money and banks.

    It sure is nice to be growing veggies and trading with locals for goods and services and bypassing this corrupt system.

    Even more important, we don’t pay rent or a mortgage, live in a low cost rural area, are off the grid and we can survive with very little hard cash.

    We can’t drop out of the system completely, because I’m determined to maintain my websites and I need to pay for webhosting, DSL, computers, software, etc.

    If more people voted with their money and stopped working for “the man”, things could be different.

  34. So, we’ve established there are lots of fraudsters out there. Are there ANY legitimate ways that can help with student loans and/or credit card debt?

  35. Define help.

    Nobody will pay your bills.

    The industry is so fraudulent that PayPal suspended my account DESPITE 10 years of doing all my business through PayPal and NO complaints!

    There’s a bill in Congress to allow the discharge of private student loans, who knows whether it will pass, especially in a Republican Congress.

    If you qualify for bankruptcy or you’re judgment proof, just don’t pay.

    Help yourself and stop supporting this corrupt system with your money.

  36. Paul P.

    The whole thing is, people live outside of their means, and they get desperate. Desperation does not know logic. People then try to find a quick way out. Truth = there is no easy way out. You have to pay back the money you borrowed. You have to understand why you got into the position you are in. You have to change your habits. It will take a lot of work, hard work. It will take time, plenty of time. You need to develop a plan, a budget, and stick to it until you are out of debt. I know this, because I am in debt. It’s time to strap down and get out from under the rock. It’s time to be free, at least from debt.

  37. What bank do you work for?

    I haven’t seen so many lies in one post in a long time.

    Morally, nobody has to pay back ANY money owed to bankers until we can create money just like the bankers did when they made the loans.

    Most people who can’t pay their debts qualify for bankruptcy or are judgment-proof. I sure hope that people vote with their money and even if they could pay the national banks, they should STOP paying.

    I did it, millions did it, but unfortunately, many millions still keep handing over what little they have to the criminal bankers.

  38. Kelly

    What Christine writes about John Gliha is the truth. There are so many complaints online about this guy and his so called service. Why is it hard for people not to see this? If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!!

    Riddle me this, If John Gliha’s service works so good why does he not use it himself? John Gliha himself is in mortgage foreclosure with BB&T on his personal residence. He lives in Orlando, Florida. The Orange County clerk of courts website link is below, just search the data base:

    He is in mortgage foreclosure and it looks like two HOA’s are foreclosing on him also. The list goes on and on.

    For someone who claims to be able to help you get out of debt in 90 days he might want to sign up for his own course and get the info. He needs it according to the court documents online.

  39. F

    How would you suggest a 68 or 77 year old deal with the inability to pay debt? Credit Card and Auto Lease, etc.

  40. chris

    Im happy to hear about the scams with these so called too good to be true deals. I’ve researched Mr. Gilha and its true, he’s got property foreclosure issues himself. I almost gave into his believable lie. For some who boasts bout how to get out of debt its surprising hes in debt with all the monies he’s conned out of people. He should be sitting pretty with what he ask you to pay up front. Also, his guarantee is fraudulent because he refuses to make good on those who have made him wealthy by paying his ridiculous fees that yield nothing. If you can’t walk the talk then you should know that what ever a man sows he will also reap. You’ll eventually get what’s coming to you!!

  41. Kelly

    The big pile that John Gliha junior has stepped into is getting deeper and deeper by the day. He has now talked his father (John C. Gliha, legal owner of the property in Orlando) into filing bankruptcy to save the home that his son (john gliha junior) lives in. John Gliha junior himself doesn’t even own his own house. He is using his daddy’s name and credit and now has him filing bankruptcy to stay in his house a little longer.

    Anyone who falls for this debt elimination crap will eventually step into it themselves.

    I’m not sure how he (john gliha junior) sleeps at night knowing himself, his wife and his daughter will soon be victims of his own stupidity.

    People, steer clear of this idiot and his scams.

  42. Kelly

    The saga continues with john gliha junior. He is still losing the battle with his own foreclosure and the hoa where he lives in his daddy’s house. Every case that ends up in court he loses. This just shows you that his so called “debt elimination” is just all smoke and mirrors and a scam. Buyer beware. Honestly people if you have money to pay scam srtists like this idiot, pay your bills with it. You’ll be better of inthe end and you wont be homeless like gliha will be very soon. Just in time for christmas.

  43. Michael U.

    It seems like John Gliha junior is in deeper trouble now. He’s been arrested today in Orlando where he lives for criminal activity. This guy is going down and it’s only a matter or time. Here’s a link to the mug shot for John Gliha.

    Are you sure you want to trust this man to get you out of debt?

  44. Kelly

    John Gliha was arrested again with his wife for forgery and grand theft.

    People would be idiots to send this guy a dime or allow him to offer help to you when he’s in the situation he’s in.

    Beware and steer clear of John Gliha.

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